Repeater Etiquette

  • Stations within simplex range should communicate via simplex when practical, on a frequency other than a calling frequency.
  • Listen for a minute to make sure that the repeater system is not in use before transmitting.
  • It’s poor form to call “CQ” on a repeater. Just identify yourself with your callsign.
  • When keying up, wait a second before talking. The repeater system has several links that all need to come up or the first part of your transmission will be cut off.
  • Let the repeaters drop between transmissions. This allows people with emergency or priority traffic to break in and the transmitters don’t have to work as hard. Quick keying or “tailgating” is strongly discouraged.
  • Don’t “kerchunk” the repeaters. Remember, there are nearly two dozen repeaters linked together, and keying without identifying is not only in poor taste, it’s illegal. Use your callsign when making test transmissions.